Faculty hard at work producing new research publications

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Faculty members at the FSU College of Education have been hard at work the past year gathering research for new publications.

Dr. Young-Suk Kim, associate professor of Reading and Language Arts, is publishing an article in Child Development titled, “Language and Cognitive Predictors Text Comprehension: Evidence from Multivariate Analysis.”

Dr. Sherry Southerland, professor of Science Education, and a number of FSU graduate students and faculty produced an article in Science Education titled, “Examining the Influence of RETs on Science Teacher Beliefs and Practice.”

Dr. Sandy Lewis, professor of Visual Disabilities, edited ECC Essentials: Teaching the Expanded Core Curriculum to Students with Visual Impairments, which also included a chapter written by Dr. Amy Guerette, associate dean for academic affairs.

Dr. Jeanne Wanzek, associate professor of Special Education, is about to publish two journal articles. The first is in the Journal of Educational Research and is titled, “The effects of team-based learning on eighth grade social studies learning.” The second article, “Promoting acceleration of comprehension and content through text in high school social studies classes,” can be found in the Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness.

Dr. Russell Almond is in the midst of publishing his new book, Bayesian Networks in Educational Assessment.

Two faculty members receive 2013-2014 Distance Learning Awards

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October 2014

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Two College of Education faculty members have been selected as 2013-2014 Distance Learning Award winners.

College of Education faculty and staff.

Joshua Newman

Dr. Joshua Newman, associate professor of Sport Management, has been selected as a recipient of a 2013-2014 Distance Learning Award for Excellence in Online Course Design.

“The Distance Learning Award for Excellence in Online Course Design recognizes new or newly redesigned online courses that exhibit quality design as measured by the Quality Matters™ rubric, which includes review of instructional materials, learning objectives, assessment strategies, learner interaction and engagement, course technologies, learner support, and accessibility,” said Susann Rudasill, director at the Office of Distance Learning.

A committee of FSU faculty members reviewed Dr. Newman’s teaching evaluations, support materials and online course site for SPM 4012 – Sport in Society and SPM – Sport & Film, and selected him for the award based on his exemplary work in the online classroom.

College of Education faculty and staff headshots. Vanessa Dennen

Vanessa Dennen

Dr. Vanessa Dennen, associate professor of Instructional Systems, has received two Distance Learning Awards: Excellence in Online Teaching and Innovative and Effective Use of Technology.

The Distance Learning Award for Excellence in Online Teaching acknowledges recent online courses that display online teaching strategies that engage students as learning partners. After reviewing Dennen’s teaching evaluations, support materials, and online course site for EME 6635 – MOOCs and Open Learning, a committee of FSU faculty members chose Dennen as a recipient of the 2013-2014 award.

“The Distance Learning Award for Innovative and Effective Use of Technology recognizes recently implemented technology with a positive impact on student learning and motivation and which facilitates instructional delivery, is easily disseminated, and provides a reasonable return on investment,” said Rudasill. Dennen’s work in the course, EME 6635 – MOOCs and Open Learning, led the committee of FSU faculty to select her as an award recipient.

Newman’s and Dennen’s awards will be presented at the 2014 Distance Learning Awards on Friday, November 14, 2014.

FSU Higher Education program won several awards at NASPA-FL conference

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October 2014

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Our Higher Education program had an exceptional day representing Florida State University at the 2014 NASPA-FL Conference on October 3! Graduate students Aura Altimiranda, Matt Jones, and Samantha Yorke won 2nd place in the Case Study Competition.


Jones, Yorke, and Altimiranda

“The six judges gave us very positive reviews and we wanted to personally thank Dr. Schwartz for preparing us with the information we chose to present to them today,” began Samantha Yorke. “It was amazing how quickly we could pull information from Dr. Schwartz’ course and apply it the case study.”

“In fact,” Yorke continues, “the judges explained how impressed they were with the FSU HESA program for educating first years on policies and historical occurrences in higher ed. We are very proud to be a part of the HESA 2016 cohort.”


Guthrie and Osteen

In addition, Dr. Kathy Guthrie, assistant professor of Higher Education, and Dr. Laura Osteen, adjunct faculty of Higher Education, were awarded a Research Award at the 2014 NASPA-FL Conference.

Dr. Guthrie’s research focuses on the learning outcomes and environment of leadership and civic education, online teaching and learning, and professional development for Student Affairs Professionals. Dr. Osteen’s research interest is undergraduate change agent development and she is a member of the Leadership Identity Development (LID) research team.

FSLE doctoral student receives prestigious scholarship

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Brenda Wawire

Brenda Wawire, a doctoral student in the Foreign and Second Language Education program, has received the International Peace Scholarship. Established by P.E.O. in 1949, the fund provides scholarships to women from other countries who are pursuing graduate studies in the United States and Canada.

“I am very honored to be a recipient of the International Peace Scholarship,” said Wawire. “Through this opportunity I will be able to attain my educational goals, which will contribute immensely toward achieving my career goals.”

Wawire is an international student from Matunda, Kenya. She hopes to complete her coursework soon so she can start work on her dissertation research.

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Two faculty members elected to prestigious fellow status

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September 2014

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Two Florida State University College of Education professors have been elected to fellow status in the American Psychological Association (APA): James Sampson, professor and associate dean for Faculty Development & Administration, and Steven Pfeiffer, professor and coordinator of the Counseling Psychology/School Psychology combined PhD program.

APA bestows the honor of fellow status to members whose work have made a national impact on the field of psychology and have shown evidence of unusual and outstanding contributions or performance.

steven i. pfeiffer2

Steven Pfeiffer

“I was delighted to be elected to fellow status by the Division for Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts of the American Psychological Association,” said Pfeiffer. “Already a fellow of the APA Divisions of Psychotherapy, Child, Youth, and Family Services, and School Psychology, this was an especially gratifying honor because of my recent research and writing in the areas of creativity, emotional intelligence, and strengths of the heart.”

Pfeiffer’s research with gifted and high-ability children has been highly acclaimed in academia. He earned his PhD from an APA-accredited program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has been a faculty member in the Department of Educational Psychology and Learning Systems at Florida State since 2003.

James Sampson(068)

James Sampson

Sampson, who came to Florida State in 1982 after earning his PhD from the University of Florida five years prior, is the Mode L. Stone Distinguished Professor of Counseling and Career Development in the Department of Educational Psychology and Learning Systems at Florida State.

Sampson’s research focus is on the examination and improvement of career development and computer applications in counseling and guidance. He has presented or consulted in 26 countries and has been honored with several awards throughout his career.

APA is the field of psychology’s largest scientific and professional organization in the United States. Pfeiffer and Sampson’s election to fellow status within the APA acknowledges the national impact that their research has made in the advancement of psychology.

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Faculty awarded over $2 million dollars in Federal Grants

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Over the summer, our faculty at the College of Education received four Federal Grants totaling approximately $2.4 million dollars. Listed below are the principal investigators on these grants, as well as some information about each grant.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Motoko Akiba, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Ian Whitacre, School of Teacher Education
Funding agency/program: NSF: DR K—12
Title: Identifying an Effective and Scalable Model of Lesson Study

Principal Investigator: Dr. Christine Andrews-Larson, School of Teacher Education
Funding agency/program: NSF: IUSE
Title: Collaborative Research: Teaching Inquiry-oriented Mathematics: Establishing Supports

Principal Investigator: Dr. Kelly Whalon, School of Teacher Education
Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Mary Frances Hanline, School of Teacher Education
Funding agency: USDOE: Office of Special Education Programs,

Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Sherry Southerland, School of Teacher Education and Dr. Christine Andrews-Larson, School of Teacher Education
Funding agency/program: NSF: Robert Noyce Scholarship Program
Title: Preparing and Supporting Equitable Teaching in Mathematics and Science Classrooms: The FSU-Teach Noyce ProgramGrantsProfs


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FSU co-authored research paper to be presented in Washington, D.C.

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Dr. Toby Park
(850) 644-8168; tjpark@fsu.edu

By Kelli Gemmer

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A research paper co-authored by Dr. Toby Park, assistant professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and an associate director of the Center for Postsecondary Success at Florida State University, has been commissioned by The Civil Rights Project at UCLA to be presented Sept. 2 at the United States Capitol Center in Washington, D.C.

Toby Park, Education Leadership & Policy.  He chose #1

Toby Park

“Do Higher Education Accountability Proposals Narrow the Opportunity for Minority Students and Minority-Serving Institutions? What New Research Tells Us” is a higher education research and policy briefing for congressional staff, policymakers, advocates, researchers and the press.

“Students of color have not achieved equal opportunity for higher education and many of the institutions that serve them are struggling with economic and policy challenges,” says The Civil Rights Project at UCLA. “Some critics of the Obama Administration claim that recent accountability and financial aid policy changes would close the door to college for many deserving students.” This convening brings together seven research papers that examine these issues with the goal of avoiding unintended consequences that could be disadvantageous to minority students.

Dr. Stella Flores, lead author and professor at the Peabody College of Education and Human Development at Vanderbilt University, will present the paper co-authored by Park, which is entitled, “The Racial College Completion Gap: Evidence from Texas.”

In the paper, Flores and Park investigate how pre-college characteristics contribute to the achievement gap and how this contribution compares to postsecondary factors. “We must first understand inputs into postsecondary education if we are to make comparisons about outputs,” says Park. “This reasoning, however, may be overlooked with funding being tied to outcome measures.”

For more information on their related research, visit http://news.fsu.edu/More-FSU-News/Researcher-dispels-myths-of-minority-serving-institution-graduation-rates.


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