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FSUCOE Alumna Authors “Honest Advice for Teachers”

Contact: Melissa Newman                                                                                                                                         FOR RELEASE MARCH 6, 2013


Locally: Tricia Kapustka, publicist



Former teacher gives some ‘honest advice’ in new book

‘Honest Advice for Teachers’ gives no-nonsense answers that will set you free, or get you fired!


The words are simple and honest—what teachers all across our country want to say but can’t. That kind of frustration can lead to stress, so Susan Eubanks Stepp did all our teachers a favor by writing it down, mixing humor with pointed truths about the educational system and those who are a part of it.

Honest Advice for Teachers is written in ‘Dear Susan’ style (question and answer format) and gives responses to some of the most creative, real life questions that teachers, parents and students have. For example, when little Jeffery writes, “My dad says teachers are a dime a dozen. What does that mean?” Susan responds, “It means your dad is a total jackass!” Our author calls this entry Ignorance in a Tie.

“This book addresses what teachers deal with every day in a funny, honest and, at times, irreverent way,” says Stepp describing Honest Advice for Teachers. “It’s a “no-holds barred” approach to disrespectful students, obnoxious parents and meddling administrators in a way that will have teachers everywhere shouting, “FINALLY! Someone gets it!”

With a hearty helping of creative license thrown into the mix, most of the over 300 entries are based on Susan’s actual experiences or those of other educators. They are examples of the real life adventures that teachers live every day delivered flawlessly in the form of laugh-out-loud humor.

“These stories, demonstrate the absurdity that often surrounds the average classroom teacher,” Stepp says.

Stepp, who spent twenty years in front of a classroom, will always be a teacher at heart. Her time served combined with a quick wit and the ability to find the humor in just about everything make a natural career progression from teacher to humorous author.

Susan’s publisher is hoping for an Honest Advice for Teachers 2 and the author is willing—“because it appears there is no end to the challenges faced daily by our poor bedraggled teachers.”

Honest Advice for Teachers was released in February 2013 by Martin Sisters Publishing. Senior editors said they were barely able to get through the work of combing over each word because they were too busy laughing at Susan’s witty stories.

Susan was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She graduated from Florida State University with a B.S. in Education. She has written over 100 one-act comedies.

Susan will be hosting book events and discussions in the area. To learn more about her upcoming appearances visit her website at http://www.SusanStepp.com.

Print and e-versions of Honest Advice for Teachers can be found at www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com as well as other online and bricks and mortar book stores wherever books are sold.

Information about the book and the author can also be found at the publisher’s website: www.martinsisterspublishing.com

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