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FCR-STEM faculty receives 2014 Robert M. Gagné Award


Ronald Carr

The Association of Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) has awarded Dr. Ronald L. Carr The 2014 Robert M. Gagné Award for Graduate Student Research in Instructional Design. He has been awarded this honor based on his dissertation, “Educational standards, teacher preparation, and metacognition instruction for elementary students: Studies in pre-college engineering education,” as a student in Purdue’s Learning Design and Technology program, prior to coming to work at FSU in January.

“Gagné’s work and the reputations of the ISD and LSI programs that grew from his work are what attracted me to FSU, so receiving this award that was named for him is a great honor for me,” says Carr. “Just to be able to work at FSU is an honor for me!”

Carr’s dissertation contains three separate studies involving instructional design in the context of P-12 engineering education. Two additional chapters introduce the studies and outline how they unite under the umbrella of situated educational research, which is a term used to represent the pragmatic and theoretical nature of instructional design and design research.

Carr has been working at Florida State University in the Florida Center for Research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (FCR-STEM) program since graduating from Purdue University in December, where he studied Learning Design and Technology under Dr. Johannes Strobel.

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