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FSU Higher Education program won several awards at NASPA-FL conference

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CONTACT: Kelli Gemmer
(850) 645-4637; kgemmer@fsu.edu

October 2014

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Our Higher Education program had an exceptional day representing Florida State University at the 2014 NASPA-FL Conference on October 3! Graduate students Aura Altimiranda, Matt Jones, and Samantha Yorke won 2nd place in the Case Study Competition.


Jones, Yorke, and Altimiranda

“The six judges gave us very positive reviews and we wanted to personally thank Dr. Schwartz for preparing us with the information we chose to present to them today,” began Samantha Yorke. “It was amazing how quickly we could pull information from Dr. Schwartz’ course and apply it the case study.”

“In fact,” Yorke continues, “the judges explained how impressed they were with the FSU HESA program for educating first years on policies and historical occurrences in higher ed. We are very proud to be a part of the HESA 2016 cohort.”


Guthrie and Osteen

In addition, Dr. Kathy Guthrie, assistant professor of Higher Education, and Dr. Laura Osteen, adjunct faculty of Higher Education, were awarded a Research Award at the 2014 NASPA-FL Conference.

Dr. Guthrie’s research focuses on the learning outcomes and environment of leadership and civic education, online teaching and learning, and professional development for Student Affairs Professionals. Dr. Osteen’s research interest is undergraduate change agent development and she is a member of the Leadership Identity Development (LID) research team.

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