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Research study co-authored by Assistant Professor David Tandberg gains media attention

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David Tandberg

Evaluating the Impacts of “New” Performance Funding in Higher Education, a study co-authored by assistant professor of Higher Education David Tandberg, was released to the public today and has already gained media recognition from many prestigious news sites for higher education.

Tandberg, along with fellow researchers and authors Nicholas W. Hillman of University of Wisconsin–Madison and Alisa Hicklin Fryar of the University of Oklahoma, examined Washington State’s Student Achievement Initiative. Essentially, it is a state performance funding program and a widely recognized model for performance accounting systems in the United States. The team found that performance funding as an incentive has had little effect on raising student retention and degree completion rates in community colleges.

The study, published in the American Educational Research Association’s peer-reviewed journal Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysishas been featured in:

AERA also published an interview with Nicholas Hillman discussing the study, its findings, and implications.

Toby Park, Education Leadership & Policy.  He chose #1

Toby Park

Tandberg contributes the study’s increased attention to President Obama’s recent free community college tuition plan, which requires states to implement a performance funding program. Also featured in the media observing President Obama’s free tuition plan is fellow colleague Toby Park, assistant professor of Economics of Education and Education Policy.

Park was quoted in The Atlantic regarding his concern of where Obama’s plan falls short. He supports the notion of students taking more classes and working less, which would require Obama to raise the full-time student benchmark from 12 credit hours to 15 or more.

Park and Tandberg are also work together at the Center for Postsecondary Success where they are both associate directors.

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