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Research Workshop Series for College of Education this spring

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Gloria Colvin and her colleagues at FSU Libraries will be offering workshops for College of Education students and interested faculty. All workshops are scheduled in 1301A STB from 11 am to noon on Thursdays.

January 29 – Managing Your References I [Gloria Colvin & Grace Kaletski]
Learn about three popular citation management tools that you can use to store and organize your references and to format citations and bibliographies. We will demonstrate RefWorks, EndNote Basic, and Zotero and discuss the different features of each.

February 5 – Managing Your References II [Gloria Colvin, Kyung Kim, & Grace Kaletski]
A lab session to learn more in depth about citation management tools, including RefWorks, ProQuest Flow, EndNote, EndNoteWeb, and Zotero. Librarians will be available to answer questions or to work with individuals or small groups on each of these citation management programs.

February 12 – Research Resources in Education [Gloria Colvin]
An overview of information resources available for research in your discipline, focusing on specialized resources in the subject area. Can also include search strategies and techniques, as well as tools to organize your research.

February 19 – Data Sources for Education Research [Gloria Colvin & Renaine Julian]
Need help finding data for your research project or term paper? This workshop explores discipline specific resources for acquiring research data. It is designed to deliver a customized strategy to finding and evaluating data sources. This includes library resources as well as open data found on the internet.

February 26 – Keeping up with the Literature [Gloria Colvin & Mackenzie Lane Lightfoot]
Learn how to set up alerts from journals, databases, or social media to keep up to date on current research or publications.

March 5 – Best Practices in Data Management [Renaine Julian]
Managing research data is a vital part of the research process. Data management is the process of controlling the information (data) that is generated during any research project. This workshop explores best practices in data management and how proper handling of research data facilitates the research data lifecycle. Topics covered: research data lifecycle, file formats, storage and backup, archiving and reuse.

March 19 – Copyright and Your Dissertation [Joshua Bolick]
This workshop will cover the most basic details about copyright related to production of graduate research and will provide resources to answer questions like: Can my dissertation include journal articles I’ve written? Should I register copyright with the Library of Congress? Where does Fair Use apply?

April 2 – Publishing in Education [Gloria Colvin & Joshua Bolick]
Explore issues to consider in publishing your research; get tips for identifying journals in which to publish; learn about retaining your rights as an author; and learn about open access publishing and other changes in scholarly publishing.

April 9 – Academic Social Networks & Digital Identity Management [Joshua Bolick]
Looking to develop a “scholarly” digital profile? Confused about all the options out there, and best ways to utilize them? This workshop will cover basic digital profile recommendations to increase your visibility as a “digital” scholar and how academic social networks can be an effective career strategy.

April 16 – Research Apps [Grace Kaletski]
This workshop will provide an overview of a variety of smartphone and tablet apps that can help you be a more productive researcher. Bring your device to test out apps for finding information, reading, writing, presenting, and more.

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