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Help Florida High’s Marching Band through FSU’s Great Give


Florida High students

During the Spring semester, colleges and groups across Florida State University participate in FSU’s Great Give, a 36-hour online giving campaign that provides an opportunity for supporters of Florida State University to make contributions toward academic programs and scholarships. Each year, FSU’s Great Give highlights specific projects that need your support. This year, the College of Education is calling attention to the Florida High Marching Band.

With uniforms older than the students wearing them and musical instruments beyond repair, the Florida High Band is seeking support from the Florida State University community to reach their music program funding goal of $35,000. Your support during this 36-hour campaign will help Florida High reach their first 10 percent goal when you give $350 to purchase wind or percussion instruments, $175 to cover the cost of student uniforms or $35 to support their mission!

The Florida State University Schools, known as Florida High, serve as the research and laboratory schools for the College of Education. As a K-12 school, Florida High has the same needs that FSU has but in smaller quantities. From arts to sciences, engineering to home economics, as well as job training programs for nursing assistants and EMTs, Florida High offers it all. Your gift during FSU’s Great Give will not only support the Florida High Band, but it will also help all of Florida High and the College of Education by offsetting these expenses.

The event begins at 9AM on Thursday, March 19th, and ends at 9PM on Friday, March 20th. To hit our goal, we need only 35 donors of $100 or 100 donors of $35. Please consider helping the College of Education and Florida State University Schools through a gift at one of these levels during the Great Give here.

Photography by Kira Derryberry

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