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Val Shute to present at conference in Australia


Dr. Valerie Shute

Val Shute, Mack and Effie Campbell Tyner Endowed Professor in Education in the Department of Educational Psychology and Learning Systems, will share her research and insights at the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) 2015 Research Conference.

The topic of this year’s conference will be, “Learning assessments: Designing the future,” and will take place August 16-18 in Melbourne, Australia. Presenters at Research Conference 2015 will share advances in the use of assessment for informed decision making by teachers, students, parents, school leaders, system managers and governments.

Shute will present her work on stealth assessment and video games, particularly how video games can help teach physics, persistence and creativity.

“In this presentation, I will explore how games can use stealth assessment to measure and support the learning of critical 21st century competencies,” said Shute.

Shute will also provide examples within the context of a game that she designed and developed with her team called Physics Playground.

Shute has been a faculty member in the FSU College of Education since 2007. Her general research interests include the design, development and evaluation of advanced systems to support learning, particularly related to 21st century competencies.

Shute is also a teacher and mentor to students in the College of Education. In April, she received a 2015 Graduate Student Mentor Award for her outstanding mentoring of students.

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