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Sport management alumnus embarks on unique job search in Europe


Dylan Hamilton

Dylan Hamilton, an alumnus from the Sport Management undergraduate program in 2011 and the master’s program in 2013, has embarked on a unique job search search across Europe.

Hamilton attended Florida State University on a partial scholarship as a manager for the football team. He was a member of the FSU rugby team from 2006 to 2011. In his graduate career, he also served as an assistant coach for the FSU rugby team and participated in an internship with USA Rugby as regional event coordinator.

Hamilton got his first taste of traveling between his undergraduate and graduate school year when he traveled to Australia to work with the Australian Rugby Union. Embracing what the world of sports had to offer during his time abroad, he took an additional trip to New Zealand to observe the Rugby World Cup Championships.

After graduating with his master’s from the FSU College of Education, Hamilton worked as an account executive with the Orlando City Soccer Club. Despite following his plan, Hamilton still felt something missing. “After a year of grinding in the industry of my dreams and succeeding amongst my peers, I was left with a sense of unfulfillment,” he said.

Perhaps the adventure of traveling and experiencing the international sport scene is what Hamilton is missing. Seeking another sporting adventure, he begun a tour of Europe and a search for new employment. His plan is to end his European journey in London for this year’s Rugby World Cup Championships.

Still in the midst of his adventure, Hamilton has already visited Barcelona, Spain, and Paris, France, where he saw the Tour de France. You can follow Hamilton through his journey via his blog: Wanderlust Walkabout.

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