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Three faculty members and two doctoral students receive Marvalene Hughes Research Incentive Grant

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Marvalene Hughes

Dr. Marvalene Hughes

At the Council on Research in Education (CORE)’s Marvalene Hughes Research in Education Conference this past spring, Marvalene Hughes challenged the College of Education’s faculty and students to conduct research on problems related to black males in education, and in turn, generously provided funding to help support this initiative. Using these funds, the College has created the Marvalene Hughes Research Incentive Grant.

Three faculty members in the FSU College of Education have been chosen to receive the award: Dr. George Boggs, Assistant Professor of English Education; Dr. Alysia Roehrig, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology; and Dr. Jeannine Turner, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology. Dr. Boggs’ project is titled “Learning from and with Black Male Students: Using Tutoring Experiences to Shape Teacher Candidates’ Thinking” and Dr. Roehrig’s is “Identifying Needs and Barriers to Promoting Sustainable Healthy Habits that are Culturally Relevant for Black Students.”

In addition, Smriti Jangra and Lynn Turner, doctoral students in Learning and Cognition, have been chosen to receive the award. Both students will conduct research that explores solutions to problems surrounding the education of Black students in America. Jangra’s project is titled “Early Parent-Child Verbal Interactions in Low-Income African-American Families” and Turner’s is “Factors Associated with the Academic Resilience of Black Male High School Students.”

Both the students and faculty members will present preliminary results of their research at next year’s conference in the College of Education on April 1, 2016. For more information about CORE, visit http://education.fsu.edu/research/core.

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    So grateful for this opportunity! Also proud–both student winners are from my program: http://education.fsu.edu/degrees-and-programs/learning-and-cognition

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