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Inaugural FSU Education Hackaton Proposes Solutions Designed to Diversify Higher Education

Last month, the Florida State University College of Education, in partnership with Jim

Moran School of Entrepreneurship, hosted their inaugural “HackEd: Brainstorming Solutions to Issues in Education.”

HackEd was a unique, daylong competition designed for students and professionals who share a commitment to improving public education with innovative solutions. The competition was modeled after hackathons, where computer programmers collaborate on solutions to software and programming issues. 

Six teams, each consisting of one to three people, identified challenges, proposed answers
and worked on solutions designed to diversify higher education. The teams each recommended solutions within one of three tracks –policy, practice, and technology. Each team then presented their solution to a panel of judges, and the winners received awards. The overall winning team was also presented with iPad minis.

The winning team in each of the three tracks were as follows:

Policy Track: “Ravenclaw” – Suggested a policy to tax College Board, the organization representing hundreds of colleges and responsible for the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), the Advanced Placement (AP) program, and various equity efforts, in order to provide test preparation to students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. According to their proposal, this test preparation would result in higher test scores and diversify the socioeconomic backgrounds of students entering college.

Practice Track: “Match Easy” – Match Easy created an interactive calendar mobile app to diversify students’ experiences while attending higher education institutions.

Technology Track: “Team W” (Get StartED) – Team W designed an exclusive platform to diversify the students entering higher education institutions. The platform would track high school achievement inside and outside the classroom while at the same time, promoting engagement between the students and college counselors.

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