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The US Peace Corps and Florida State University Launch New Peace Corps Prep Program for Undergraduates in the fall of 2018

Florida State University is now one of 75+ institutions of higher education in the US that offer undergraduates the chance to enhance their competitiveness to become Peace Corps volunteers post-graduation and/or to work in the field of international education and development.  The PC Prep program at FSU is currently accepting applications and the first cohort will launch in the fall of 2018.


Wykia Macon (International and Multicultural Education Ph.D.), Kenya Volunteer 2011-2013

Established in 2007, the Peace Corps Prep program aims to support universities’ efforts to provide substantive, globally focused experiences for their students. “FSU is delighted to extend its ongoing work with the Peace Corps through this Peace Corps Prep program,” Program Coordinator Dr. Helen Boyle said. “It will be invaluable for undergraduates thinking about international careers – in government or development or even teaching abroad. FSU is among the top 25 of universities in the US supplying volunteers to the Peace Corps and this program will help to expand the number even more.” In collaboration with the College of Education, FSU’s Peace Corps Prep program currently focuses on preparing new graduates to be competitive in applying to the Peace Corps Education volunteer program.


Jared Tirone (International and Multicultural M.S.), Mali Volunteer 2009-2011

Students in the Peace Corps Prep program will combine targeted coursework with hands-on experience, building the competencies needed to be strong Peace Corps Volunteers or to live and work abroad. Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a signed certificate from the Peace Corps. Senior Peace Corps recruiter, Grant Matthews, stated, “The Peace Corps Prep program is a unique way to enrich your college experience as you gain the knowledge and skills vital to becoming a successful Peace Corps Volunteer, or living and working in the international arena at large. Through a diversified curriculum tailored toward individual student goals, Prep students will gain a wealth of knowledge and experience geared towards global service and employment.”  Dr. John Mayo, the Director of the Social Sciences Scholars Program and former volunteer, stated, “For me and for every volunteer I know, Peace Corps service was a life-changing experience; one filled with challenges and incomparable opportunities. The Prep program will be an invaluable tool in preparing students to make the most of this once in a lifetime experience.”

Since 1961, FSU has produced 856 volunteers, with 38 currently serving today. Administered by FSU’s Learning Systems Institute (LSI), applications are available and can be provided by contacting FSU PC Recruiter Jared Tirone at 850-645-0245 or at fsupeacecorps@gmail.com, or Dr. Helen Boyle (hboyle@lsi.fsu.edu) who is the PC Prep Program Coordinator.

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