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Two FSU College of Education Alumnae Win Prestigious Award

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The Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities (DADD) has awarded two FSU College of Education alumnae the joint title of 2019 Teacher of the Year. Abigail Hallett (Exceptional Student Education B.S. ’15) and Amanda Lewis (Exceptional Student Education B.S. ’15) won this prestigious award and both are teachers in the Transition Program at Adult & Community Education School (ACE). The pair were nominated by FSU College of Education professor Jenny Root.


Hallett (left) and Lewis (right)

From the press release:

“The teachers share the title and recognition since they were nominated as an ‘outstanding co-teaching team,’ explained ACE Principal Regina Browning. She said, ‘The recognition is well deserved and shows how the Transition Program is a part of the high caliber of education our school provides in all of our programs.’

The Transition Program is the smallest of the schools five programs, Browning said, but ‘it is dear to the hearts of our faculty and staff.’ The ACE Transition Program serves approximately 30 students each year. The program helps students hone life and work skills to help 18-22-year-old adults with disabilities transition from school to the workforce and to greater independence.

The program boasts an employment rate of 50 percent or better among its students at any given time, Katrina Bradwell, assistant principal over the program said. ‘Amanda and Abigail are passionate about their students and diligent in working to help them obtain their full potential.'”

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